Tuesday, March 17, 2009


            Feeling stressed? Then why not kick up your heels to salsa or do the boogie-woogie? Fortunately, dance is known to be as an amazing solution for the most common health crisis today, that is, stress. Studies show that dance is an eternal stress reliever and carries many beneficial effects to the health of the human body. For instance, a massive amount of endorphin is discharged when one has a good round of dance. In result, the occurrence of wrinkles can be reduced to almost sixty three percent. This is also probably since you tend to grin and smile a lot more when you sway and swing to a desired tune. Furthermore, dancing enables most women to be stress-free because it physically keeps one occupied since most women fall towards the emotional region. Accordingly, dance transports an outstanding glow on ones skin that no skin product could possibly replace. So, ‘Do the Hokey Pokey and turn yourself around; that’s what it’s all about!’

-By: Sheelaa a/p Sundaralingam


  1. Hi Sheela!(^^)
    How are you my friend?
    Wow from your page I can see your passion in dancing:)
    Really hope that i can watch you dance one day!(^^)
    By the way, is it "Do the Hokey Pokey and turn yourself around,..." is a song Sheela?

  2. Yes Hidayah! Though i have not attended any sort of dance classes, my passion towards dance certainly is deep. Well, the hokey pokey was a song I learned during my younger days. It certainly was fun learning body parts as well as the left and right directions. Maybe you should surf the youtube to get the actual song. It'll be fun! Anyway, that was the first dance I performed during my kindy concert. That explains why its still on my head!